As time goes by

A couple of weeks ago, my blog quietly celebrated its first birthday. It was all very under-the-radar, I didn’t even put up a post to mark the occasion. To be honest, the only reason I knew it was coming up was because I received an invoice for the renewal fee. And that got me thinking about two things.

The first was whether I should continue with the blog or let it slide off into the ether. It’s not that I don’t want to continue with it – I do! But I’ve become something of an infrequent visitor here, which makes me wonder if it is okay to turn up to my blog less often than others or is it actually bad manners1.

The second thought was a bit more existential about the passing of time and how we can’t see time itself, we only see the effect of time through its impact on things2. I wrote a post earlier this year that pondered the same thing about the wind. And thoughts too actually, because though wind and thoughts exist, we can’t see either of them, only their expression or the consequences of them being deployed.

Anyway, leaving aside thoughts about how we manipulate time for a later post, I wanted to belatedly recognise the milestone with this updated photo of my kettle and the succulent that is slowly, but surely, devouring it.

October 2021 compared to November 2022. Yes, they are different angles, but it gives me an excuse to use the groovy photo slider thingy. And anyways, you can see what I’m talking about, right?

When I look at how much the plant has grown in the last year and compare that to what I’ve achieved in the same time period, I can’t help but wonder which of us has grown the most.

1 This is a rhetorical question, if such a thing exists in blog land. It’s fair to say that I still don’t know the answer, but I have paid my bill, so I can at least kick the question down the road for another 12 months.

2 I am knowingly and happily pushing aside all arguments and discussion around time being a construct and something that not even physicists understand etc etc. This is not that type of blog and quite frankly, that stuff just hurts my brain. If you are looking for intelligent stuff, perhaps start with this article on the possibility that time might not exist.

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