I’m sorry wind, but I’m just not that into you

I don’t like the wind.

It makes me agitated and unsettled. I think maybe it’s because my body struggles to settle into its own rhythm amid the noise and chaos of a windy day. Everyone in my family feels the same. Anytime we’ve ranked the weather elements on a likeability scale (yes, I have the sort of family that does that), the wind is always ranked last, well behind humidity and given that none of us like humidity, that is saying something.

I don’t like the wind and it’s been windy here for the last few days. Much to my disappointment, it was still blowing this morning when I went out for a walk. After trying, unsuccessfully, to ignore it and simply focus on the day ahead, I got thinking about exactly what it is that I don’t like about the wind.

(I should mention here that it is only ‘big wind’ that I don’t like; I’m quite the fan of the ‘little wind’ that comes through on a summer’s evening.)

So, what I realised this morning is that it isn’t the big wind per se that I don’t like, it’s what happens as a consequence of the wind – the howling noise as it moves through and around objects, branches thrashing to and fro, the clunk of a shutter that hasn’t been properly secured. It is those things – that expression of the wind – that unsettles me.

Anyway, all the thinking about the wind then got me thinking about thoughts and how thoughts are perhaps not unlike the wind, or rather the air that makes the wind (I know …. stay with me …).

In its raw form, a thought is inert. No matter how ambitious or wicked or unrealistic the thought is, on its own, it’s nothing. Nevertheless, it exists and it’s able to move through both time and space – unseen yet there, unknown by all but one. This is the ‘air’.

It is only when a thought is expressed – when the thought is turned into action and the thought has consequences – that the thought becomes something to celebrate or to reject. ‘Little wind’ or ‘big wind’.

Okay, I’ll leave you with that thought. I have to say, it seemed to make much more sense on my walk this morning.

I blame the wind; it always unsettles me.

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