Hen and chicks

My first Hen and Chicks was given to me by a relative after I complimented them on how wonderful it looked growing in their perfectly manicured garden. Despite their assurances that it was ‘very hardy’ and ‘anyone can grow it’, I left their house wondering if I would be able to keep their little gift alive.

Fast forward quite a few years and I now have Hen and Chicks dotted throughout my garden – they’re nestled in crevices, potted up with other succulents, spilling out of overturned pots – each one a descendant of that one initial plant.

Actually, quite a few of the plants in my garden have come from cuttings from family or friends. The shared history of those plants, especially the ones that have come from those who are no longer here, makes those plants and my time in the garden just a little bit more special.

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  1. Linda K says:

    Succulents are magic. So much of my garden has grown from cuttings, too. Love how your garden full of meaningful gifts ties in with your post about consumption and the circular economy. šŸ™‚

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  2. suzanne says:

    Anything with a story attached to it makes it special. šŸ™‚

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