This is why I’m here …

For those that have followed my blog since its inception (quick pause here while I yell a big thank you into the bloggerverse), you’ll know that my posts tend to be a bit all over the place. In fairness, I do give a heads up on this in my ‘About’ page, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

What I haven’t told you, however, is why I set up the blog in the first place. And this is where I probably should feel a little bad because it is all about me.

Like most of you that visit this site, I enjoy writing. I love the endless possibilities words give us to create worlds and characters; to influence, debate and discuss; and to process the world and our place in it.

As much as I enjoy writing though, it can also torment me. There’s struggle to craft a scene just as I had imagined it; the agony of deciding what to leave in and what needs to be cut; and most of all, the fear that strikes when I think about sharing my writing with somebody else.

That fear is the reason for the blog.

In setting the blog up, I’ve set up an expectation that I will write things and then share them. This requires me to do two things – to write regularly and to post regularly. By extension, this means I have less time to think, analyse, second guess, re-draft, panic, censor, delete, and re-write before I release my writing to the world (I still do all of those things, of course, there is just a time limit to them now!).

So that’s why you’ll find me here at the blog. Why you are here, I’m not really sure BUT know that I am really chuffed that you are.

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